Media Marketing Group

Business-To-Business Teleservices

Our Definition of Service

Service is an act of help or assistance.  That is what Media Marketing Group is all about.  We are dedicated to seeing that this definition becomes a reality when we work with you

Media Marketing Group can play a key role in developing your business in many strategic areas. The primary benefit MMG provides is experience and scalability at an affordable cost.

We provide a wide variety of business outsourcing solutions:

New & Existing Business Development
Marketing Campaign Support & Research
Relationship Development
Client Qualification & Re-qualification
Quality Control & Assurance
New Lead Generation & Cultivation
Sales & Pre-Sales
Data Gathering New Acquisition
Customer Service & Support
Database Building & Maintenance
Client/Product Testing
Ideal Client Profiling

We are on your side

Our mission is to serve as a multipurpose team for you to lean on. We relieve the pressure and eliminate the costs of having these departments in-house.

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