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Heidi M.

"I wanted to get back to you with some feedback. I know you are looking for my honest thoughts and I when asked I certainly have no problem offering it good and bad. But in your case, overall I have to tell you that I am very pleased with MMG’s TM efforts. Other than a very small handful of complaints or calls that were not handled quite right, I really have no negatives. In those cases, you always responded immediately to rectify the issue and thoroughly investigated it with offering solutions moving forward as well as providing recordings to review. For the 10s of thousands of calls you have made on our behalf, I am very pleased with the small number of issues we have had. You have being very responsive to Laurin Publishing’s needs and have been very flexible sending files even when I have requested them at the last minute. You have also been very quick to provide recordings and raw data to BPA for our audits. With our schedules and needs changing so frequently on my end, it is important that the flexibility and response time is there and I would say that is one of the things that is most important to me when working with a TM company."

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